About Me…

I started Trim Healthy Mama (THM) in December 2017 weighing in at an all-time high of 210 lbs. I started itaas a last resort to get my weight under control, but ended up quickly falling love with the balanced way of eating, food freedom, and grace the plan brought. I’m still a work in progress, but I don’t plan on quitting…over 40 pounds gone with 30 more to lose.

I work full time (+!) in an in-store bakery at my sister and brother-in-law’s health food store,and this blog came about because I wanted to still be able to bake AND enjoy all of this stuff at home and share the joy with my family.

Now I’m transforming my favorite pre-THM recipes into healthy, blood sugar balancing, delicious and nutritious recipes for everyone!

Besides Trimmifying recipes, I enjoy baking, cooking, photography, traveling, reading, healthy living, spending time with my 13 year old Aussie/Border Collie and spoiling my 21+ nieces and nephews.

So, from time to time I may share random lifestyle, photography, and family posts.

My THM Mottos

(credit goes to the THM podcasts!)

“Choose your hard!”

“Transformation is progress, not perfection.”

“You may not be able to change your life, but you can change your mindset.”

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