Get Your Veggies (& fruit!) in Slaw

This will be an extremely quick post, but I wanted to share with you all what is now one of the tastiest ways to get jicama in!

Jicama itself is a completely blank slate..some like to dip it in avocado while others like to sprinkle it with chili lime (also known as Tajin!) seasoning.

I like to make it into a quick slaw that works as an E or FP, depending on if you use apple or not.

Here goes:

Toss together: 1 small jicama, peeled & shredded or julienned,

1 apple, shredded or julienned

1 cup shredded or julienned red or green cabbage

Juice of 1 lime

Pinch of salt

Sweetener to taste

If you’re wanting an FP: leave out the apple & add 1 shredded carrot.

To make it even faster: my coaching friend Shannon, over at Vibrant Living uses coleslaw mix in place of the cabbage. Just brilliant!

Until next time, everyone! I hope to get to blogging recipes on a regular basis soon….my blog is going to be under going renovations, so stay tuned!